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General Description

Local Multiplayer Game for 2-4 players. In Co-op Mode The players are placed in an arena and have to survive against oncoming waves of monsters for as long as possible. They are connected by a wire, which they can utilize to kill (“pop”) Monsters by entangling them within it. The longer the game goes on, the more monsters appear.

In Versus Mode two teams of 2 players each are pitted against eachother over multiple rounds with the objective to pop the opponent team. 

Wrap in a couple friends for fun time of tangling!



Keyboard or Gamepad.

Keyboard and Gamepads can be mixed. A single Gamepad can be used by two players.



Team : Allium

Game Design, Programming : Jonas Mumm


Artist : Hannah Hyunjeong Lee


Sound Design/Music : Junhee ‘Kimposer’ Kim



Made with love for TOJam 13 - Flirteen with Danger


Tangle Pop (NEW Post-Jam) 117 MB
Version 2.0.3 Sep 09, 2018
TanglePop_TOjam (original, HOTFIXED) 93 MB
TanglePop_TOjam (original, gamepads broken) 93 MB

Install instructions

Supports any DirectInput or Xinput controller.

Development log

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